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  4. 小学生向けデジタル教育イベントのスタッフ募集 Staff Wanted for a Digital Educational Event for Elementary School Students

小学生向けデジタル教育イベントのスタッフ募集 Staff Wanted for a Digital Educational Event for Elementary School Students




As a citizen’s group in Fuchu City, Tokyo, we hold monthly STEAM educational events onsite and online for elementary school students.

Our group is very active and holds various educational events in collaboration with local government events. (Fuchu Citizen Activity Center, schools and private companies).

In particular, we convey the joy of digital education to complement Japanese education, which is lagging behind in IT education in response to the rapidly developing IT technology.


募集団体 Pendemy(府中市教育団体)
活動日程 下記のうち随時(活動期間:応相談)

現地イベント開催(月1回) / 現地ミーティング(月1回)/ リモートミーティング(随時)

活動場所 武蔵府中ル・シーニュ(京王線府中駅から徒歩1分)

Organization: Pendemy (Fuchu City Educational Group)
Activity schedule: Any of the following (activity period: negotiable)
・Local events (once a month)
・On-site meeting (once a month)
・Remote meeting (as needed)
Location: Musashi Fuchu Le Signe (1 minute walk from Fuchu Station on the Keio Line)


活動内容 デジタル教育イベントスタッフ



応募条件 高校生、大学生、専門学生、社会人


待遇 無償ボランティア

Activity: Digital Education Event Staff
We are looking for staff for an educational event based in Fuchu City, Tokyo (currently about 10 staff members).
With the motto “make learning more joyful,” we aim to actively convey the joy of learning by showing the purpose and future beyond learning.
Requirements: High school students, university students, vocational school students, working adults
Conversational level of Japanese is required.
Treatment: Unpaid volunteer


  1. 応募時には応募理由と自己紹介(特にお住まい)を必ずお願いします。


  1. 応募後、Zoom面談にて上記の条件にマッチしているかを確認して参加可能かどうかが決まります。

Application – Activity Flow:
1. When applying, please be sure to tell us the reason for applying and introduce yourself (especially where you are living).
・Persons living in or near Fuchu City, Tokyo
・Persons having a strong interest in digital education or STEAM education.
・Persons who enjoy interacting with children (elementary school students).
・Persons who want to learn marketing and IT.
・Persons in their teens to 30s with a strong desire to grow.
・Persons who can actively participate in the program.
2. After applying, a Zoom interview will be held to confirm that you match the above requirements, and a decision to determine whether you can participate.


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