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  4. こどもたちの「やりたい」を実現する学童の先生を募集 Looking for teachers for school childcare center to realize children’s “I want to do” and “happiness”

こどもたちの「やりたい」を実現する学童の先生を募集 Looking for teachers for school childcare center to realize children’s “I want to do” and “happiness”



Activities at the CAKids school building in Adachi Ward and Sumida Ward.
Each child has a lot of “I want to do this now!” in each child’s heart. To make this happen, we need to focus more on getting closer and more involved with each and every child.

I like to draw, I am good at singing, I am confident in my physical strength, I have lived abroad, I like talking to different people… Each individual’s experience is put to use after school.


募集団体 特定非営利活動法人Chance For All
活動日程 平日15:00-18:00(土日祝日はお休み)


活動場所 足立区、墨田区のCFAKids校舎での活動です。


Recruiting Organizations: Specified Non-profit Corporation Chance For All
Activities schedule: Weekdays 15:00-18:00 (Closed on weekends and public holidays)
・You will be active for at least 3 months ( possible extension)
・We recommend at least volunteering for the activity once a week to give it meaning.
Activity location: This activity is held at CFAKids school building in Adachi Ward and Sumida Ward.
Nearest train stations of each school building
■Adachi Ward
Nishi-Arai station (Nishi-Arai school, Kameda school), Umejima station (Umejima school), Senju-Ohashi station (Senju school), Rokuchou station (Rokuchou school), Ayase station (Ayase school)
■Sumida Ward
Hikifune station (Hikifune school), Oshiage station (Oshiage school)


活動内容 こどもたちと遊ぶ(遊びの提案)/宿題、勉強のサポート/公園での外遊び/プログラムの企画、実施
応募条件 大学生、専門学生


待遇 無償ボランティア。学生のみ交通費支給(500円/1日)

Our activities consist:
・Playing with children (Play’s Suggestions)
・Homework and study support
・Playing outside in the parks
・Program planning and carrying out
Application requirements: University students, vocational school students
・Passion for working with children
・Students of the Faculty of Education or somebody who does child-related activities
・Somebody who would like to work in the child-related field
・Abide by rules to keep children safe
Treatment: Volunteer. Transportation is provided for students only (500yen/day)

Some childcare centers do not have staff who can speak English.

応募~活動の流れ 申し込み→Chance For All説明会参加→決定


Flow of Activities after Applying:
Application → Information session participation → Decision
The information session is held in person (See the map for the location)


会場MAP|Map of Venue

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